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Diffuser FAQS

What do I do when my Roma Resi unit won’t connect to my WiFi?

Try connect again as close to your router as possible, as your WiFi may be temperamental.

My Roma Resi unit won’t connect to my WiFi and I can’t gain access to my app even after trying to connect a few times?

Reset your unit

Press and hold the button under the lights on front of unit > Plug in device > Keep holding button in while the WiFi indicator is off then flashes on > When this WiFi indicator starts to flash, release the button > When it flashes 4 times this means the unit is not connected and the reset was successful.

My unit makes a gentle noise when it’s fragrancing, is this normal?

Yes, this is totally normal. All scenting units have enclosed pumps that essentially allow the units to diffuse the fragrance.

Do I need to add water to my fragranced oil?

Never add water to your fragrance oil if you are using the Roma Resi unit.

Can I control my Roma Resi if I am not at home?

No, you need to be within range of your WiFi to effectively amend your scenting unit settings.