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500ml Scenting System Refill

Sale price£55.00


Choose from our signature hand-blended range of SOH Collection fragrances. Our refills allow you to change fragrances with the seasons, add some variety to your surroundings or simply create scents for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Create a home environment that is warm, inviting and unique.

All SOH fragranced oils adhere to IFRA standards and requirements. We advise that you only use SOH Collections fragrances in our scenting units. Should you use other refills, your scenting unit will, unfortunately, lose its 1-year warranty.

Depending on the scenting unit that you own, the fragrance will vary in life span. The more intense the fragrance and the more often the unit runs, the quicker the fragrance will drop.
500ml Scenting System Refill
500ml Scenting System Refill Sale price£55.00