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Roma Mini

Sale price£85.00

This mini-unit has a modern look and fits beautifully into the smaller spaces of your home. With 2 fragrance reservoirs, you can add 2 different SOH scents to the unit and hop between them depending on how you feel that day. Perfect for a dressing room, bathroom or small bedroom and the best thing is, it is load-shedding friendly. Charge up your device and it will keep going when the power is out. 

Perfect for scenting small intimate spaces

  • Rechargeable 
  • Dual-nozzle aroma diffuser
  • Aroma diffusion in 50 square meters
  • It needs around 6.5 hours to be fully charged

The first 50ml bottle of fragrance comes with the unit, refills are available online for purchase thereafter.

Roma Mini
Roma Mini Sale price£85.00