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SOH Collections

SOH Collections

Scent your space with one-of-a-kind luxury fragrances. 

Of all our senses, our sense of smell is most closely tied to one’s memory. Our beautiful fragrance collection will provide an instant replay of your most special memories. As well as ensuring your space leaves a lasting impression on all who experience it.

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Roma Magnificence | Extra LargeRoma Magnificence | Extra Large
Roma Magnificence | Small / MediumRoma Magnificence | Small / Medium
Sold outRoma LuxeRoma Luxe
Roma Luxe Sale price£255.00
Roma EleganceRoma Elegance
Roma Elegance Sale price£190.00
Roma MiniRoma Mini
Roma Mini Sale price£85.00
Roma CarRoma Car
Roma Car Sale price£73.00
500ml Scenting System Refill
50ml Scenting System Refill
50ml Scenting System Refill Sale price£10.00
Celebrate | 250g Scented CandleCelebrate | 250g Scented Candle
Celebrate | 500g Scented CandleCelebrate | 500g Scented Candle
Hope | 500g Scented CandleHope | 500g Scented Candle
Hope | 500g Scented Candle Sale price£49.00
Hope | 250g Scented CandleHope | 250g Scented Candle
Hope | 250g Scented Candle Sale price£24.00
Chelsea | 500g Scented CandleChelsea | 500g Scented Candle
Chelsea | 250g Scented CandleChelsea | 250g Scented Candle
Chloe Mar | 500g Scented CandleChloe Mar | 500g Scented Candle
Chloe Mar | 250g Scented CandleChloe Mar | 250g Scented Candle
Coco Char | 500g Scented CandleCoco Char | 500g Scented Candle
Coco Char | 250g Scented CandleCoco Char | 250g Scented Candle
Portland | 500g Scented CandlePortland | 500g Scented Candle
Portland | 250g Scented CandlePortland | 250g Scented Candle
Candle Wick TrimmerCandle Wick Trimmer
Candle Wick Trimmer Sale price£12.00
Candle SnufferCandle Snuffer
Candle Snuffer Sale price£12.00
Celebrate | Reed Diffuser
Celebrate | Reed Diffuser Sale price£33.00
Chelsea | Reed Diffuser
Chelsea | Reed Diffuser Sale price£33.00
Chloe Mar | Reed Diffuser
Chloe Mar | Reed Diffuser Sale price£33.00
Coco Char | Reed Diffuser
Coco Char | Reed Diffuser Sale price£33.00
Hope | Reed Diffuser
Hope | Reed Diffuser Sale price£33.00
Portland | Reed Diffuser
Portland | Reed Diffuser Sale price£33.00
Gift Card
Gift Card Sale priceFrom £20.00
Fragrance Discovery PackFragrance Discovery Pack
Fragrance Discovery Pack Sale price£10.00